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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands
but seeing with new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

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Meet us at the 2015 Oshkosh EAA AirVenture
BOOTH 4092

We did it !
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The 2015 Caribbean Air Rally was made possible
thanks to the support of dedicated partners

The winners are:

Team Jeremy Hollan & Steven Wolff
Calgary Flying Club, AB Canada
Onboard Mooney M20E

Here in Antigua, receiving the Governor General’s Cup Trophy
Accompanied with team leaders :
Richard Schmidt from Arizona USA & Brian Pound from Prince Edward Island Canada

In second place :

Team Arvid & Lisete Isaak & Bill & Kathleen Dickinson
Abbottsford Flying Club BC Canada
Cessna 182

In third place :

Charles, George, Christine & Sue Opie
Michigan USA
Cessna 210

A Unique and educational experience !!

The International Air Rally aims the participation of 25 teams onboard single & twin aircraft type.

A participation to the Air Rally increases awareness and familiarizes pilots with International flying procedures. Participants discover new destinations and cultures in the course of a 12 day journey during which, accompanied by highly experienced and professional pilots, they increase their capacity and confidence to travel beyond their present boundaries. Hosting destinations celebrate the event and create opportunities for Air Rally participants to share great moments with the locals and experience unique adventures. The International Air Rally is happy to share those experiences with the pilots and provide free guidance.

The International Air Rally is the promoter of Aviation Connection’s Fund raising events. Aviation Connection is a charitable organization, Official Trustee of the Governor General’s Cup, whose mission is to Promote education by developing, facilitating and overseeing aeronautical training programs in public schools.

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Our love for people sets the tone of every Rally!!!!

The Air Rally is a pretext to reach local population and to promote education. The venue of a large number of aircraft and people of different nationalities enchants the population.

Each event is an opportunity for pilots to share their passion with youngsters and whenever possible to FLY THE KIDS. Pilots LOVE the interaction with the young. This initiative opens kid’s horizons encouraging them to excel in their studies. Media value
The Air Rally is covered annually by International aviation and travel magazines.

To date, 4 documentaries were broadcasted for Canadian and US television.

A full story and video of the event is produced every year and posted on the website’s BLOG as a reference to pilots looking for unique flying experience.

The event also attracts local media at destination.

Sponsorship and Promotional opportunity
The International Air Rally is an opportunity to promote your product and services.

The Air Rally team will help participants in their search for sponsors. Dear pilots , now it is YOUR turn to join us in this unique “Flying Adventure”. Whether you register as a competitor, a VIP guest or you just want to tug along, members of the Organizing Committee, partners and hosts of the Air Rally welcome you onboard and will make this travel experience one of the greatest ever !!!
Catherine: 450-969-2247
Camil Dumont
Investment Advisor
International Air Rally
Proud Gold sponsor since 2000